Tottenham Hotspur welcome official Zimbabwean Supporters’ Clubs

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We are delighted to welcome 13 new Official Supporters’ Clubs from around the world to our Spurs family.

Lancashire Spurs, South Devon Spurs, Maidenhead Spurs and South East Thames Spurs join from the UK, whilst Bangladesh Spurs, Barbados Spurs, Cambodia Spurs, Columbia Spurs, Delhi Spurs, Namibia Spurs, Osaka Spurs, Princetown Spurs and Zimbabwe Spurs join us from countries around the world.

We currently have 189 Official Supporters’ Clubs across the world, including South Korea, India, Singapore, Lebanon, Nigeria, Australia, Bermuda, South Africa, Brazil and USA.

In the UK and Ireland, we have 47 clubs, stretching from Cornwall to Glasgow as well as special interest groups such as Proud Lilywhites for our LGBT+ supporters, SpursAbility, for our disabled fans and Armed Forces Spurs, for serving and former members of the British Armed Forces. – Tottenham Hotspur

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