It is all about money!

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I have finally declared a verdict on lawyers who invoke the so called Cab Rank rule when representing corrupt politicians.

Tendai Biti once called Gideon Gono, a very corrupt man who deserves to be put before a firing squad, but then he went on to represent Gono defending him in a corruption case.

Other than greedy, how does a lawyer who also happens to be a politician justify going against his principles on the basis that “I am a lawyer, I represent everyone.”

I know lawyers like Beatrice Mtetwa who have refused to take cases because they went against their principles and conscience.

Most of ZANUPF’s politicians charged in corruption cases are represented by MDC politicians and functionaries.

Folks, don’t buy that Cab Rule Nonsense, it is good old greediness and being unprincipled.

You can’t represent someone accused of killing your neighbor, it is just common sense. Lawyers stop taking us for fools.

You are either principled or not. I will write a long read showing how these lawyers are deceptive and how they are socially and financially linked to their ZANUPF clients.

It is time we call out on this deception! They should represent whoever they want to, but they shouldn’t lie about it, creating comical narratives about how their profession forces them to do it.

Would Nelson Mandela who was a lawyer represent Hendrik Verwoerd after the Sharpeville massacre on the basis that he was only doing a lawyer’s work?

It is simply about money, we all want it. My verdict is that any opposition lawyer who does that is simply greed.
My judgement is final and there is NO leave to appeal.

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