MDC theatrics and marginalization of Matabeleland helps entrench ZANU-PF rule

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By Rev Anglistone T Sokhulu Sibanda ₪₪

THE Parliament of Zimbabwe has over the years turned into a theater and lost its dignity and respect from ordinary citizens due to the MDC legislators’ theatrics.

Fast forward to the latest performance by the MDC Alliance legislators’ comic act in parliament that saw them being ejected from parliament by the police after defying protocol where, the Speaker of Parliament had to use his powers, after they put up a defiance show of proving President Mngangagwa’s illegitimacy that can only be defined and qualified according their own script phantom script that has no scientific evidence is outdated, misguided, futile, retrogressive , counter development and an insult to the electorate that voted for them.

The question on Emerson Mnangagwa’s legitimacy is a very fluid and dicy question after the MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa failed to produce primary evidence before the highest court of appeal, implying that the allegations could not be substantiated, hence frivolous and imaginary. I do not intend to belabor the point but my intention is bring to light the hypocrisy of the Alliance in as far as truth and reality is concerned.

I have reasonable grounds to suspect that the theatrical acts are aimed at “exposing the brutality of the regime” , the script that led to the August 1 protest, hoping to gain international community sympathy and invoke international action against Zimbabwe.

It is only Zimbabwean opposition and Civic leaders that traverse the world, begging for sanctions and some even wish military action by foreign nations against their own country.

I believe the August 1″Stupid demonstrations” and subsequence drama, based on the illegitimacy mantra is aimed at creating a crisis that benefits nobody else but leaders of the MDCA and their Civic Society partners while the poor citizens suffer.

This idea is outdated and misguided, it is void of understanding of the obtaining dynamics at the global stage with Brexit having changed the stance of Britain and the US on Zimbabwe.

While drama is being acted by our elected officials, Britain is preparing for Brexit and consolidating its power through the Commonwealth of Nations that has readmitted Zimbabwe with its “illegitimate ED” as it’s President and ZANUPF as its ruling party.

The spirited “advocacy” strategies of taking Zimbabwe to the SADC chair by my colleagues in Civic Society, hoping for a SADC Action on Zimbabwe is waste of time and precious money considering that the Namibian President was the first Head Of State to congratulate ED and recognize him.

What our colleagues in the MDCA and Civil Society fail to understand is that the story of Zimbabwe is no longer an issue at the International stage as the the scramble for recolonization of Africa is influencing the thinking at that stage that due to natural resources competition of the East and the West.

Screaming and rolling on the floor about human rights abuses and “stolen election” falls on deaf ears as the West is clearly opting for the Rwandan style of “developmental dictatorship” that protects and promotes their interests and cares less about legitimacy, if anything they can legitimize even the worse dictator as long as their interests are safe.

Reporting ED to the SADC chair, who apparently was the first head of state to congratulate ED on his victory and to insult the Conservative British government for its stance is just futility.

The tantrums are falling on deaf ears hence they must face reality and stand up for their constituencies.

It is true that ZANU PF has a system of executing sophisticated electoral fraud that has been mastered over years, that is common knowledge but common street talk that cannot be proven in a court of law is invalid and one cannot rely on it in cases of governance because decisions cannot be made based on imaginations, hallucinations and rumors peddled in the streets.

As a lawyer, the learned Advocate should have known the basic principle at law: sufficient evidence to prove their case to the court beyond reasonable doubt.

Notwithstanding, the MDC Alliance legislators had stood quietly and gently on the day on inauguration, before Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, the ZANU PF winning Presidential candidate and took an oath of office.

Surely if these theatrics and psychological gymnastics that they are playing in parliament world make sense if they had performed them on that very day, challenging the legitimacy of Mnangagwa l was going to join them in the protest. They legitimized him on day one and they must stop fooling us and represent us.

One wonders whether our colleagues perform the same acts when they receive their payouts from Mr Chokuda, the clerk of Parliament’s office and one wonders if they can put up such a spirited drama when they receive cars bought the the same illegitimate Mnangagwa’s government.

If they are sincere, they should walk away from the payouts and the cars, then we the citizens will join them in protest against a so called stolen election.

The thorny part is that Bulawayo has majority of those MPs being MDC Alliance, the city has over the years been neglected and turned into a ghost town.
In his paper on hydropolitics, Musemwa clearly proves that the water crisis in Bulawayo was a well planned and orchestrated system of marginalizing and disciplining the dissident city that has not voted for ZANU PF since 1980 expect during the years of one party state 1987-1999.

The so called Provincial Councils or assemblies that are espoused in chapter 14 of the constitution is not a new phenomenon, those structures have been in existence, that is why ZANU PF always had Presidential appointed governors and ministers of State for Provincial Affairs who chair those assemblies that made decisions, however in Matabeleland these never held meeting simply because MPs in Matabeleland were opposition, the minister would meet with Head of departments and make decisions behind the back of opposition legislators.

That is why Matabeleland has been ignored and sidelined, MPs from Matabeleland had been rendered useless and would not have an impact in their constituencies.

The glaring example is how the Land Committees, composed of ZANU commissars, war veterans leader, head of CIO in the district, traditional leaders chaired by District Administrators allocated land to ZANU supporters in MDC controlled constituencies while MDC MPs and councilors watched helplessly.

The pro opposition protest voting in Matabeleland resulted in the strengthening of marginalization during the vengeful Mugabe era.

To add salt to the wound, due to high risk associated with politics after Gukurahundi and other acts of violence, the best brains shied away from politics and the worst took advantage and the protest voters voted for them to represent the region in a highly hostile environment that needed men and women with stamina to push issues through.

To aggravate the situation, Mugabe stuck to the former ZAPU old, tired and irrelevant people when appointing Ministers of state or governors, these old men and women represented no one in government since they were not elected by the people.

They became ZANU PF governors in MDC dominated provinces and policy contradictions between the two parties coupled with poor quality local government officials from the opposition and corruption worsened the situation for the citizens.

The civil servants took over decision making and often contradicted with the MDC controlled local authorities creating a governance crisis, resulting in underdevelopment.

With such a background, the MDC Alliance MPs from Matabeleland should know that they are at an already hostile pedestal and hence “doing a dibala dance” in parliament and singing and walking out worsens the situation in their constituencies.

Mob psychology is often exciting but reality is that ZANU PF continues to make decisions while they sing, walk out and fall down.

On Thursday 22 November, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development presented a Pro- rural budget whose implementation will see rural communities gain more revenue and with the constitutional 5% revenue retention principle applied, Harare and Bulawayo will be the biggest losers while our MPs are singing ” ED is illegitimate”

We will suffer more from being over taxed in urban areas and the money we pay as taxes being use to develop rural areas where 70% of the population is found and where ZANU has bulk of its supporters.

The $900 Million dollars allocated to the ministry of Agriculture to roll over 99 year leases into bankable sureties to secure agriculture loans will benefit the beneficiaries of the fast track land reform who are majority ZANU PF supporters and of course our dear leader Nelson Chamisa and some MDC leaders who told us that the land reform is evil and we stayed away while they grabbed farms secretly only to realize that as citizens we are being fooled very late.

The over $500 Million allocated to the Ministry of Primary and secondary education is going to see education infrastructure being established in the rural areas where the demand is higher, same with the Ministry of health allocation.

The allocation to the ministry of mines to boost small scale miners’ productive capacity will strengthen the mining sector and benefit ZANU PF youths and women who are the majority of the participants in those sectors.

The ministry of SMEs has over the years managed to educate people to venture into those sectors while MDC Alligned ZCTU was busy pushing regime change and talking about formal labor that is dwindling due to de- industrialization.

The rural schools construction will largely benefit rural communities that are controlled by ZANU PF.

With the 5% revenue retention being applied provinces that have agriculture land, mining and other natural resources are likely to generate more revenue and begin to grow, while industry dependent provinces such as Harare and Bulawayo are likely going to suffer more due to over taxation, income erosion and inflation to those few who are working.

In light of this budget, that off course may yield economic recovery results though in a painful way, l advise those who are living in urban centers and have no serious reason of being there to consider going back to rural homes and begin small scale mining or farming or both instead of being turned into vagrants by the economy just for the sake of being in town.

City life is yet to be tough but rural life more fruitful and rewarding.

The political implications of this scenario are that the MDC will lose relevance and support base as people are forced to migrate to rural communities where there are greener pastures or carrots from government.

The set up in the rural communities is such that the vote will go to ZANU PF come 2023 and the assumption by the MDC A that people will revolt is a myth and cannot be justified since the majority of the citizens are in the rural areas and they voted for ZANU PF hence l refuse to buy the fallacy of 2.6 Million votes for Chamisa that is being peddled considering that the ZANU PF has over two thirds in parliament even if he won the Presidential vote, ZANU PF MPs would still move to impeach him.

I therefore contend that MDC A MPs especially those from Matabeleland should consider where they come from and who they represent before acting drama in parliament trying to impress their leader.

We, the voters from an already undeveloped area did not vote for drama actor. Had we wanted that, we could have sent IYASA or any other drama group to parliament.

We need MPs of the caliber of the late Sydney Malunga who could single handedly push issues for the region in parliament.

Harare MPs can afford to act drama because for some reason they benefit from the tribal nature of the state, hence they can afford the luxury of singing and shouting and falling, not when one representing a community that is licking the wounds of a genocide and systematic structural violence.

However it is an indictment on us who are perpetually angry and do protest voting, voting for anything that is under the name of MDC and yet expect results.

The theatre in parliament must stop and our MPs must do what we voted them for or else ZANU PF is being given a lifeline by MDCA to rule for ever and they will cry about rigging when the budget is part of rigging is presented while they act drama.

Anglistone T Sokhulu Sibanda writes in his own personal capacity. He can be contacted on +264775183243

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