PICTURES: MP Joana Mamombe’s lover REVEALED

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PICTURES of the youngest legislator of the nineth Parliament of Zimbabwe, 25-year old Joana Mamombe of Harare West (MDC Alliance) Constituency, getting close and personal with her lover have been leaked.

My companion, my comforter: Joana Mamombe with Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) Executive Director, Mfundo Mlilo

Mamombe and Mfundo Mlilo, the 35-year old (and reportedly married) Director of Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) are an item.

Mlilo did not dispute that when tagged into a social media platform that exposed the relationship.

Mlilo said yes, they’re an item!

But some fired at Mfundo Mlilo, saying he is a married man with a wife and kids, and that Joana Mamombe is a “side dish”.

Everyday feels good with you bae, Hon. Joana Mamombe says.

Joanah Mamombe was born on 18 June 1993 in Harare. Raised by a single mother, Joana grew up in a Christian family devoted to the Dutch Reformed Church of Zimbabwe.

Joanah is very passionate about young people’s participation in political and governance matters. She is a gender and human rights activist. Read more about Joana Mamombe HERE.

While some have attacked Joana for “destroying a fellow woman’s marriage”, others have attacked Mfundo Mlilo for neglecting his wife and kids.

Yet others thought that Joana and Mfundo are two consenting adults and are free to do what the hell they want! — ZOOMZimbabwe

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