US sets conditions for the removal of sanctions

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THE United States of America on Thursday emphasised their terms of engagement that can lead to America being a development partner with Zimbabwe and see the removal os economic and trade sanctions. 

Addressing the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations  Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Matthew Harrington said, “There are several steps the government of Zimbabwe could take that would send a strong signal to its own people and to the international community that it is serious about taking the country in a new, more positive direction. 

“First, it should repeal laws such as the Public Order and Security Act, and the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act which have long been used to suppress the human rights of people in Zimbabwe and which violate Zimbabwe’s 2013 constitution.”

Harrington also called on Zimbabwe’s government to end all forms of brutality directed towards opposition members. 

“Second, the government should immediately end the harassment of members of the political opposition. It should drop charges against former Finance Minister and prominent opposition figure Tendai Biti and all those who have been arbitrarily detained for exercising their human rights and fundamental freedoms. 

“Third, the government should allow the Commission of Inquiry to work transparently and independently, and hold perpetrators of the August 1 violence fully accountable. And fourth, the government should move quickly to ensure legislation is consistent with the 2013 constitution, as well as uphold its letter and spirit.”

Harrington said America is seeing a lot of positives on commitment but no action from Zimbabwe. he added that they still have a long way before they come to the table to talk about loans to  Zimbabwe.

“The United States wants a stable, peaceful, democratic Zimbabwe that is genuinely accountable to its citizens and responsive to their needs. If there is real, concrete progress along those lines, the government and people of Zimbabwe will find a committed partner in the United States.” ₪₪

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