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PICTURES: Patie Nyathi Celebrates B’day In Style

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BULAWAYO diva Patience Nyathi recently celebrated her birthday in style with her girls all dressed to the nines!

Affectionately known as just Patie, the top Bulawayo socialite says going to the gym is the secret to her slinky body structure.

A mother of one, Patie explained how she has managed to maintain her body beauty.

The curvy and sexy Patie is usually engaged by fashion designers and clothing shops to advertise their products and, of course, she knows her thing well — flaunting her figure in designer clothes.

“Many people always ask me how I manage to maintain such a body and I always tell them my secret is the gym,” she says.

“I go to the gym regularly and follow my routines, which has helped me to maintain a healthy body. I believe a healthy body comes with a healthy mind and I manage my diet well.

“I am a mother of one. when I gave birth to my daughter I started going to the gym because I knew that my body would change after giving birth. I am confident with my body and the confidence has helped me a lot,” she said.

Patie said she doesn’t have a huge behind that many claim i have.

“I get a lot of people commenting on my bum, they say it’s huge. I have received good and bad comments. I don’t believe my booty is that huge like they claim, it’s just my flat tummy and a small waist that lift up my bum,” she said.

“I can’t really say I am a model, but I am a person who loves photo shoots and doing fashion shoots for companies and individuals. I am not a professional model per se.”

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Patie grew up in Old Lobengula and went to Njube High for her secondary school. Currently she is a marketing consultant in the city.

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