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Right of Reply: Fortified Security responds to ZOOMZimbabwe

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Setting The Record Straight- Agnes Mupasiri

This article serves to set the record straight in response to the article of the 03rd of January from ZOOMZimbabwe News claiming that Ms Agnes Mupasiri is involved in unclear, corrupt activities aligned with our Company, Fortified Security. Such Reports are malicious, unfounded and indeed defamatory in nature.

For record Fortified Security has only 3 male Directors and Ms Agnes Mupasiri has never been part of our set up in anyway.

These allegations in our view might be from our bitter competitors meant not only to target tarnishing our company image but also but the target government officials though on unfounded allegations like in this case.

We therefore urge members of the Public to remain focused as we continue to conquer as a security service provider.

For and on behalf of Fortified Security.

Managing Director.
Mr D Mpunga.

To read the original article by ZOOMZimbabwe, CLICK HERE.

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