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Productivity lost as workers spend time in fuel queues

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LAST night at corner Samora Machel Ave and Fifth Street, a man walked into the convenience store holding a small pizza.

We exchanged some pleasantries and on the surface he was fine. But on the whole not so much because the service station where he was in a queue was not serving fuel.

That wasn’t his issue. In the mayhem he was parked in a place where it was impossible to move his car.

A massive amount of commuter omnibuses, buses and trucks had rendered it not only impossible to go up Fifth Street towards Five Avenue but he could neither move forward not back.

And that he would have to sleep in his car was not even the issue.

He was worried that because he had an 8am on Tuesday, he might miss it because the possibility that his car would not be able to move was another reality.

And that is the reality for many people. Thousands upon thousands of man hours are being lost as people now spend more time looking for basics rather than creating them.

Entrepreneurial platform Fresh In A Box just released a statement in which it said it would fail to deliver some orders merely because a huge amount of their drivers were stuck in queues. And, as Kuda Musasiwa said, this is even fuel in USD cash!

So this is a company that has innovated, creating a business that directly and indirectly employs scores. And the one thing they needs is an enabling environment. And that environment is just access to fuel to run a business.

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And that is the story for many businesses. And a lot of those businesses are run by individuals are a small team that cannot afford the downtime.

To the ministers who said one after the other there was too much fuel in the country. Or that there was even enough. And that the situation was under control. And that there were just a few who were using social media to cause alarm.

That is a reality.

Noone wants to use the word crisis. And as long as we do not use that word, this becomes the new normal. — 3mob

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