March 19, 2019

Royal SHOCK: How Elizabeth II was NOT supposed to be proclaimed QUEEN

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QUEEN ELIZABETH II is Britain’s longest-reigning monarch and has been on the throne since 1952, but she was never expected to become Queen, a documentary reveals.

Queen Elizabeth II, 92, has broken many records during her long reign. In 2017, she became the world’s oldest head of state after the resignation of Zimbabawe’s Robert Mugabe, now 94, who served as his country’s president for 37 years.

In October 2016, she notched up another record, becoming the world’s longest-reigning living monarch after the death of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej following his 70 years on the throne.

In 2018 documentary “The Story of the Royals”, Royal author Anna Whitelock noted how Elizabeth is “the woman who has literally seen every key figure of the second half of the 20th century”.

The Queen At A Banquet In Cape Town, South Africa with Nelson Mandela (Image: GETTY)

Modern British history expert Arianne Chernock added that she is also “the most politically accomplished person in the world”.

Ms Chernock said: “The Queen though was not supposed to be Queen.

“She was Queen because her uncle, Edward VIII abdicated.

“Edward VIII was the son of George VI.

“He was meant to be King following his father’s death in 1936.”

On February 8, 1952, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II formally proclaimed herself Queen (Image: GETTY)

When Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, to King George V’s second son, Prince Albert, she was third in line to the throne.

With King George V still on the throne, she was behind her uncle Edward and father Albert.

When her grandfather passed away in 1936, it was expected she would move further down the line of succession if her uncle, now King Edward VIII, was to have children.

However, this all changed when Edward abdicated after just a few months, following a row over his plans to marry divorcee Wallis Simpson, whom the country disapproved of.

Consequently, Elizabeth’s father Albert became King George VI and changed Elizabeth’s life forever – making her heir apparent at just 10 years old.

On February 8, 1952, Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II formally proclaimed herself Queen and Head of the Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith. — Express

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