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MDC, ZANU-PF are both in power and must deliver

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AS ENLIGHTENED activists and citizens of Zimbabwe we refuse to be fooled, used, and deceived.

The prevailing situation in our country is as a result of two sister institutions, MDC and ZANU PF who have always been sharing the powers at local and central governance level but keeping the nation busy on partisan politics.

It is these divisions which have rendered the majority of Zimbabweans vulnerable to abuse as politicians take advantage of the ordinary people’s innocence. Because of the polarization in the society we are held in this dilemma such that no one has the time to ask public officials to deliver and to account.

It is grossly wrong to hold the view that the ruling party governs alone and the opposition is as a soccer substitute waiting for his turn only to play when one of the players is injured or out of form. They are the same team these people.

You and me we are not beneficiaries of this whole fallacy. The truth is you and me are not beneficiaries of this wrong narrative and fictitious definition of government.

One may argue and say Government is responsible for fixing the current situation; indeed it is very true, but take note government is simplified as Executive, Judiciary and Parliament, and in addition a lower tier of government the local authority.

That the MDC has no 2/3 majority and therefore can’t be responsible is neither here nor there.

They are controlling vast revenues in local authorities. There is also the excuse that rate payers are impoverished by the policies and maladministration of the central government, but who is the government?

Infact, the MDC is in alliance with the judiciary to block any wrong policy or human rights violation. This makes null and void the notion that they are a mere minority.

An opposition that fully understands its role is an investment in the nation, and the one that folds its hands is a retarder to progress and an obstacle to development.

The challenges in our nation, put politely, or more accurately, the crisis we are in as a nation, demands that all key pillars of the state are expected to be on high alert responding to the issues affecting the people who happen to be the electorate.

We expect our public officials to take off their partisan jackets and do only what is expected of them and what is right before men in the spirit of ubuntu and the oath taken before God.

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There maybe many versions of unity but real unity is simply understood as good governance from everyone in a public office serving the people despite the political party one comes from.

Whilst the MDC is not the ruling party, the MDC officials are part of government through parliament and local government, and that alone gives them the responsibility to equally serve the masses and be answerable.

I am shocked that my Party, the MDC seems to be in the hiding and are on record inciting and calling people to push “government” to act on the keys issues affecting forgetting that they too are part of the same government. In the areas of their jurisdiction let them show us their results too!

Who is fooling Who here? We refuse to be fooled. Is this not the same Parliament that teamed up recently cornering the finance minister to consider luxury cars ahead of the striking doctors’ demands? Is this not the same gang that partnered ZANU PF MPs in pushing for a three course meal, ice cream and entertainment ahead of service delivery?

The MDC must be leading by a good example of alternative caring partners in government. We are appalled by the greedy they show to the rest of the world and to the impoverished electorate.

They must be the ones objecting to fiscal indiscipline and gluttonous behavior of government, but alas, motions of unethical expenditure shameful and surprisingly are seen to be supported by the opposition.

Having controlled urban local authorities for over 15 years what do they have to show to the nation against the lavish packages which they have been ripping from the public funds and still want the masses to believe a blue lie that they are not in power!

Power is power whether at central or local governance level. This massive brainwash of people must stop. These two sister institutions are just two sides of a bond note.

There is no excuse for not delivering. The people of Zimbabwe must wake up from this deep sleep of thinking that there is a better devil. A devil is a devil simple. We only want to have them stop pretending as if they are not associates. Shape up and deliver.

lf l may bring this nation to the close painful reality; it is important to note that Zimbabwe has been bleeding for decades and citizens have always been crying for the long arm of the law to take its course, but because we have a first degree of hypocrisy and double dipping within the top ranks and file of the opposition, these close partners are eager to go all the way in defending each other from facing jail.

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Many ZANU PF thugs and looters who looted our public funds have their defence shield under the MDC’s double faced leadership and this is an open secret.

The MDC has been transformed from a political party to the level of a law firm. We no longer have a democratic movement that demands transparency and accountability but a defender of opacity and corrupt activities of Zanu PF officials.

Our hard earned money is often shared between ZANU PF looters and MDC accomplices under the law firm roofs and me and you are ordered to go back to the streets to lose the little left, get injured and or die on their behalf . The vicious cycle of abuse continues.

Fellow citizens , comrades and friends, in public offices we do not have a party and we do not wish to have any, anyone who took oath of office has a role to play and a responsibility to serve us in good faith.

He or she is a representative of the people and a servant not our ruler or political leader. In service delivery political suits are taken off and overalls of civil servant leadership are put on. Honestly we can’t have a whole set of officials who are on full perks and allowances only to join our queue in blaming their counterparts again and again.

The politicians must know that Zimbabwe was not left behind in the enlightenment age. We all know that good governance is the responsibility of all political parties ruling, opposing and individuals claiming to be independent.

None should behind a blame game finger. We appeal to all politicians to begin to take seriously and to focus on our bread and butter issues. The people can’t be the turf for political fights forever, instead we want to see all hands on deck and minds set on economic development.

Failure to deliver automatically triggers the people’s uprising and it is a backlash the ruling party and opposition definitely do not want to see. The people if made the epicenter of oppression, they will erupt anytime. May all this be avoidable and unnecessary and these associates STOP the suffering of the masses.

Abigail Mupambi is a pro development activist. She is the national coordinator of the Civic Society and Churches Joint Forum.

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