March 19, 2019

Tsvangirai’s children should take over MDC as ‘arrogant Chamisa can never win’: Mutodi

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DEPUTY Minister of Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi has proposed a bizzare suggestion for the opposition MDC: let the children of the late party founding leader Morgan Tsvangirai take over.

The reason? “Nelson Chamisa can never win an election, not even unity talks because of his arrogance,” Mutodi said.

Mutodi’s argument was that since Félix Tshisekedi, the son of a former opposition leader has been declared winner of the DR Congo elections, it seemed children of founding political figures had better chances of winning.

Said Mutodi: “With the DRC election commission declaring Félix Tshisekedi as President Elect of Congo, it’s high time Tsvangirai’s children take over the MDC, the party of their father. They stand a better chance. Nelson Chamisa can never win an election, not even unity talks because of his arrogance.”

When it was put across to him that maybe Bellarmine Chatunga or Robert Mugabe Jnr should also take over ZANU-PF, Mutodi had this to say: “For revolutionary parties like ZANU PF, ANC, SWAPO it’s a big NO because there was combined effort by comrades to liberate the country.

“Opposition parties are merely family kingdoms and a successor from outside the family tends to spoil the vision, is directionless and eventually fails.”

Maybe we need to play some Energy Mutodi ndombolo music. Shall we? Watch the video below, courtesy of ZOOMZimbabwe:

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