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President Mnangagwa addresses the Nation

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is set address the nation this Saturday evening from the State House.

Zimbabwe currently faces crippling fuel shortages and a gripping foreign currency crisis which has driven dozens of key firms on the brink. There is also civil unrest as civil servants want their incomes raised to levels the government says cannot sustain.

Only yesterday, the last standing cooking oil and soap manufacturer Surface Wilmar, running the Olivine brand, indicated it was stopping operations citing mounting debt and unfavorable operating environment.

The address comes shortly before the President leaves for Russia on Sunday where economic ties between Zimbabwe and Russia will be consolidated, according to a statement by the Information Ministry.

He will meet the President of the Russian Federation Mr Vladmir Putin during his four-nation trip to Europe next week, the State media has revealed.

Earlier today, President Mnangagwa attended a Russian Agricultural Machinery Showcase hosted by Adrotech (PVT) LTD at Gwebi College. On show were high-tech agricultural equipment that can revolutionarise the country’s agricultural sector

He was set to tour the site yesterday but his motorcade was blocked by a long fuel queue leading him to abandon the tour, as we reported yesterday.

The Zimbabwean leader is scheduled to visit Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. He will also attend the World Economic Forum (WEF) summit in Davos, Switzerland, for the second year running.

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President Mnangagwa’s high-profile meeting with Mr Putin will be a high point as Zimbabwe seeks to consolidate and solidify the engagement processes he has outlined as the focus of his foreign policy under the Second Republic.

Further, the tour will provide an opportunity to transform the excellent political ties into mutually beneficial economic ties between Zimbabwe and the respective countries.

Russia and Zimbabwe are already cooperating in the Darwendale Platinum Project. The marquee project has undergone Phase 1, which is the feasibility study, concluded ahead of schedule last year.

The next phase will see construction and commissioning of the project.

And Presidents Mnangagwa and Putin will discuss progress and speeding up the implementation of the project. — ZOOMZimbabwe

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