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Harare City must appoint Baba Harare ambassador

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FOUNDER of the Goodness and Mercy Ministries Prophet Tapiwa Freddy has urged Harare City Council to consider appointing Afro contemporary musician Baba Harare as its ambassador.

Prophet Freddy said this on the sidelines at the launch of Baba Harare’s third album titled Ramba Wakadzvanya on Friday where he was guest of honour.

“I believe it’s high time our local authority consided appointing Baba Harare their brand ambassador. He is now a brand and the city should now take advantage of his popularity bearing in mind his brand name,” Freddy said.

The preacher, who funded most of Baba Harare’s logistics ahead of the album launch, said he considered all musicians, secular and gospel, the same.

“Music is a universal language that communicates across all cultural and linguistic boundaries. It is something that is necessary for society. With our country going through such difficulties, it is through music that we get solutions to some of these challenges.

“However, I am here as guest of honour because Baba Harare included two gospel tracks on his album, which is something commendable considering his album is laden with secular music.”

The prophet, who claims that some of his prophecies have enabled people to recover some of their stolen goods, said through personal consecration, God answers him through the Bible, prophetic dreams, visions and encounters.

His closeness to musicians first became apparent in 2017 when the wife of former Alick Macheso guitarist Innocent Mjintu died.

“During the prophetic service, I called Elton Muropa’s wife and told her about the prophetic dream. In no time, she received the news that Mjintu’s wife had passed on,” he said.

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Muropa and Mjintu were part of Orchestra Mberikwazvo, sungura ace Alick Macheso’s backing group.

Freddy, who of late has been invited as a guest of honour at a number of album launches, was optimistic that Baba Harare’s music wiould take him places.

“I am confident that Baba Harare is making a name for himself and I am proud that he is one of several musicians that I have assisted. The guy is humble and free of controversy, that’s why I decided to associate with him,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Glen View-based man of the cloth revealed his passion for music saying it was another way of ministering the Word of God. Recently he released a video titled Vana which is popular on the church’s television channel GMM TV and online platform YouTube.

Last year Freddy ended a two-year music hiatus following the release of a single titled Mwariwe!

The preacher last been involved in music in 2016 after releasing an eight-track album titled 100 Percent Prophetic. His other previous releases include Mesiya (2002) and Serevende (2006).

His music has received generous airplay on local radio stations.

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