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Midlands State University denies demanding US$100

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MIDLANDS State University (MSU) has dismissed allegations that it is demanding US$100 from each student to fund the institution’s Turn-It-In- anti plagiarism software account.

The Turn-It-In anti-plagiarism software is a plagiarism detector which encourages original work, investigates authorship and deters students from submitting assignments that compromise the institution’s integrity.

In a statement, the university said the social media message is false and causing unnecessary panic among students, parents and guardians.

Midlands State University (MSU) has noted with concern, false statements circulating on various social media platforms to the effect that students are required to make a payment of US$100 to fund the institution’s Turn-it-in-anti plagiarism software account,” said MSU.

“We wish to advise all our valued stakeholders that this information is totally false and should be ignored. We regret the unnecessary alarm and despondency this information might have caused to our students, parents and guardians.”

The statement said MSU does not adjust fees without consent and approval of Government.

It said any adjustments are communicated officially.

“We would like to inform our stakeholders that all communication relating to the University is channelled through our website, official Facebook page, national television and radio stations as well as the print media,” said the university.

In an interview recently, the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development, Professor Amon Murwira, said university fees have not changed.

“People are taking advantage of the situation to spread fake reports which cause panic. The correct position is that we did not approve a revision of tuition fees or any payment in all state tertiary institutions,” said Prof Murwira.

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He said all fees are revised annually by his ministry and any adjustments are communicated officially through his office.

“These are State owned institutions and we cannot expect Government positions to be communicated through unreliable sources. School fees ordinances are signed by the Minister and communicated officially,” the Minister said.

Prof Murwira said State institutions comply with the law of the land and do not invent their own form of payments.

He urged stakeholders to report any institution that unlawfully revises its school fees so that it is corrected right away. 

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