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Mapfumo evicted from Glen Lorne home after failing to pay rentals

THOMAS Tafirenyika Mukanya Mapfumo was evicted in daramtic style from his Glen Lorne lodgings after he failed to pay the US$1,500 monthly rentals.

Mapfumo reportedly came from a show and found the doors locked over the balloning arrears which were now approacing US$10,000.

He had to seek alternative accomodation in Mt. Pleasant.

The US-based musician accrued debts due to poor attendances at his ‘Peace Tour Shows’.

Mukanya returned to Zimbabwe in December to perform a series of shows but due to the poor attendances, some sponsors pulled out.

According to Business Times sources, Mukanya was evicted from his Glen Lorne lodgings after he failed to pay US$1 500 for accommodation. Said the source:

When he came from his Southerton New Year Show, doors were already locked and he was told that the case had already been reported at Borrowdale Police; he had to seek alternative accommodation in Mt Pleasant.

Entertainment Republic director Max Mugaba confirmed to Business Times concerning the Glen Lorne fracas. He said:

Entertainment Republic was acting as event managers; we met with service providers and crafted arrangements acceptable to both parties.

It is unfortunate that along the way some reneged on the plans and sought to use the criminal justice system to recover their dues way before they were due. In any case, he was supposed to leave the residency on January 8.

The landlord went overboard. How can he lock out people before the agreed time to move out? We are now in the process of resolving the issues around the musician.

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