How ex-Wenela miners will benefit

THE Southern African Miners’ Association (Sama) has clarified details around benefits to be accessed by former South Africa mine workers including Zimbabweans.

More than 30 000 Zimbabweans migrated to South Africa in the 1960s to work in the mines and to date pensions for most of ex-Wenela workers are yet to be paid out by different mining companies.

Many of the former workers stopped working without knowing they had accrued benefits that the mines were supposed to pay them.

It is also believed that a significant number of the ex-Wenela workers have been infected with and succumbed to lung infections as a result of working in the mines.

The ex-Wenela miners, which is an acronym for Witwatersrand Native Labour Association, were drawn from Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe and are now pushing to access their benefits.

Mr Charles Abrahams of Abrahams Kiewtz Incorporated is responsible for Zimbabwe and other countries are handled by Richard Spoor Incorporated Attorneys and Legal Resources Centre.

“Those already registered with the association must not worry because we will take information from the database.

There will be an outreach to sign up people where we expect mobile clinics to be set-up for testing with regards the class settlement category and it’s our plea that people should be patient and only get updates from our offices,” said Mr Mkwananzi. — Chronicle

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