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We’ll continue arresting #ShutDown Protesters: Cain Mathema

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The Minister for Home Affairs, Cain Mathema, has said the government’s crackdown on protestors is still ongoing.

Speaking during an inter-ministerial meeting in Bulawayo last Friday, Mathema said: “The job of actually arresting those responsible, those cowards and rioters are still on.

“We are still working on that one because the space given to every Zimbabwean belongs to all of us.

“We have to share the space, starting with those who want to go and demonstrate. They must do it legally because space does not belong to one person; it belongs to all of us and this is why it has to be regulated.

“We do not want this anarchy that was displayed on the 14th of January. Space belongs to all of us and, therefore, all of us have to be protected.”

A human rights non-governmental organisation report claims that 17 people were killed by security forces during the January protests. Hundreds were seriously injured while more than 1 000 were arrested, including 36 children.

A number of opposition MDC MPs are in hiding in neighbouring countries fearing arrests. Some other MPs have appeared before the courts and are on bail.

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