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US sanctions on Zimbabwe are perfectly legal: Fadzayi Mahere

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ADVOCATE Fadzayi Mahere has said that the sanctions imposed by the United States of America are legal. American President Donald Trump this week renewed sanctions against Zimbabwe by at least a year.

“US sanctions against Zimbabwe aren’t illegal. They’re authorized by their legislature. They’re not forced by any domestic or international law to associate with Zimbabwe beyond what they’re comfortable with. Our opinions on this are irrelevant. If we want them lifted, must play ball,” Mahere said in a tweet which attracted both scorn and support in equal measure.

“If they’re (Zimbabwe government) serious about wanting the sanctions lifted, they must demonstrate serious commitment to meeting the stated conditions. The US has no qualms with imposing sanctions for decades (see Cuba). Unless there’s reform, we’ll be singing the same tired tune in 20 years time.”

With regards to calls by regional leaders including South African President Cyil Ramaphosa for the sanctions to be lifted, Mahere said the opinions of regional leaders were as irrelevant as ours. The only way out of the sanctions grip was a reform by the Zimbabwean government, she said.

“Please stop roping in countries like South Africa to call for the lifting of sanctions. Their opinions on the imposition of the sanctions are just as irrelevant as our own. We must reform. There are no shortcuts. African 2-faced diplomacy won’t rescue us or our economic woes.

“Calling the US names won’t help either. Diplomacy means we have to know whether we are buying or selling & exercise humility accordingly. If we weren’t affected by the sanctions, we wouldn’t be harping on about how terrible they are ad nauseam. Government needs to change strategy.

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“Sanctions aside, the reform of the Zimbabwean state is a good thing for us all. It’s a pity that the people can’t compel Govt to change. We want reform regardless of whether sanctions have been imposed. The refusal to reform constitutes a sanction by the Government on the people,” said Mahere. — ZOOMZimbabwe


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