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May 24, 2019

Zimbabwean Merner Cremer happy to pilot Emirates’ Boeing 777 jet into Harare for the first time

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ZIMBABWEAN pilot Merna Cremer, who is employed as First Officer by Emirates Airlines, was happy to pilot an Emirates Boeing 777 jet into Zimbabwe for her first time.

Merna, who is wife to Zimbabwean cricketer Graeme Cremer, said in delight: “My first flight with Emirates into my beautiful country Zimbabwe. I felt like the happiest girl alive when we crossed into Zimbabwean airspace. The Captain gave me the flight and I landed the Boeing 777 for the first time into Harare. Dream come true!”

About the passengers, Merna said: “The passengers knew it was a Zimbabwean First Officer flying them and some waved to me from the air-bridge with big smiles as they disembarked. So heart-warming and the most memorable flight of my career.”

Merna was the pilot who flew the Chevrons from Harare to Bulawayo in March last year aboard an Air Zimbabwe Boeing 767 and, among her special passengers, was her cricket playing husband Graeme — who at the time was the captain of the national cricket team.

She took to Twitter, just before the flight from Harare, with a message that was pregnant with a lot of both raw patriotism and an understanding of the importance of the mission which this team was undertaking for their nation.

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“So great to have the Coach, Captain @GraemeCremer&@ZimCrickettv team on board, delivering them safely to the City of Kings. All the very best, this is OUR soil, this is OUR home. Do your country proud,’’ she tweeted accompanying her powerful message with a Zimbabwean flag and cricket bat.

The tweet, provoked a number of responses, including from one as far afield as India where an Indian doctor, Satendra Singh, replied with his picture in a Chevrons jersey and the message, “wow!!! Best wishes from India, in the colours today.’’

Merna Cremer, who was previously with Air Zimbabwe, left towards the end of last year citing career development.

“I am leaving Air Zimbabwe for career progression. Emirates have a modern fleet operating to over 155 destinations all over the world, an opportunity I’m grateful for.

“Government should be serious about reviving Air Zimbabwe, I have confidence that with the new dispensation there will be positive turnaround at the airline.

“I feel there is urgent need to retain the few pilots that are left at the airline,” she said last year upon her move to Emirates. — ZOOMZimbabwe

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