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May 24, 2019

Gugu Ncube has accused three others of rape

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South African based Zimbabwean Gugu Ncube who staged a naked protest at the Union Building in South Africa on Wednesday, March 3 has previously accused three other people of raping her.

ZimLive reported that a friend who grew up with Gugu Ncube in Gwanda, Zimbabwe said:

“She’s psychotic, she’s delusional and it’s just unfortunate a lot of people will fall victim to her before she gets the help she needs.”

Ncube alleges she was forced out of her job after being sexually harassed by her boss at the University of South Africa sponsored Unisa Centre for Early Childhood Education (UCECE).

Gugu Ncube rape allegation 1: Pastor Acts Aota and Sinqobile Kaboto

Ncube accused two men Pastor Acts Aota and Sinqobile Kaboto of sexual assault in 2016 but the South African police refused to pursue the cases.

Gugu Ncube rape allegation 2: Marc Gbaffou (twice)

In 2017 Ncube accused her Ivoarian boyfriend and chairman of the African Diaspora Forum Marc Gbaffou of rape claiming she refused to have sex with him until he divorced his wife.

Ncube claimed Gbaffou raped her while she was drunk in a hotel with him. She allegedly discovered the first rape when she woke up the next morning and later forgave him after he apologized.

On 14 April 2017 Ncube claims Gbaffou raped her a second time at a hotel in Parktown, Johannesburg, after spiking her glass of wine. She claimed to have called the police who did not turn up.

Fast forward to April 17 Ncube claims she was raped a third time by Gbaffou, she filed a case at Hillbrow Police Station the next day but state prosecutors refused to prosecute due to lack of evidence.

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Gugu Ncube sexual harassment allegation : Mhlava Edward Shibambu

Ncube’s latest allegation against her UCECE boss Mhlava Edward Shibambu gained media attention when she staged a naked protest at the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Wednesday, March 13.

She accuses, Shibambu of asking for sexual favours at UCECE the University of South Africa (UNISA) funded private company. The police state prosecutor refused to take the matter forward due to lack of evidence.

UNISA released a press statement saying

After thorough investigation, it was established that there was no basis to charge the staff members concerned with the alleged offences.

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