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May 25, 2019

I offered Chamisa a status & recognition but he wanted to earn it, says ED

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has said he offered MDC leader Nelson Chamisa a chance to be the official opposition leader so that he could have some share in the electoral system, but Chamisa thought he could earn the position by other means.

“The fact that you become the official leader of opposition is a recognition that you have some share in the electoral system which is significant and you need to be recognised. But that was denied,” he said in an interview broadcast by the ZBCtv on the independence day eve.

“But I said that those who could have benefited from that felt that they didn’t want to be spoon-fed, they must get things for themselves, we say yeah very good. So if you want to be given recognition and you want to earn it by yourself it is okay.

“When I took office I said let bygones be bygones,” he continued.

“I must live by that principle. We must not look back and live in the past. Let us endeavour to live in the present and try to work today and make tomorrow a better place for all Zimbabweans.

“My view is that let us differ on how to run Government, on how to build a bridge, how to build a school, how to craft economic policies, how to run agriculture, but we should all remain Zimbabweans and united. Zimbabwe is a unitary State.

“It is my view that dialogue between people who do not agree is a good thing. It’s good therapy between contestants. I have said from day one let us talk about differences and move forward, talk about our country and share about the vision for making the Zimbabwe we want.

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“A prosperous Zimbabwe we want. This is why I initially had proposed that whoever is the leader of the opposition whether you are in Parliament or outside it we should make provision so that such a leader is recognised as an official leader of Government or Parliament so that he is given status.

“This is found in the Commonwealth parliamentary system, but we do not have it in Zimbabwe.”

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