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May 25, 2019

Independence: A challenge to the born-frees

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AS Zimbabwe turns 39 we say happy birthday Zimbabwe. Beyond the statement is a challenge for all of us and in particular the “born-free’s.” The millennials on hearing us celebrating they will obviously ask, Happy Independence what do you mean?

I have studied and followed all the theories around the Zimbabwean independence and l have realised that back then there was a generation that left pleasures, made great sacrifices, managed to bury their differences in order to become politically free.

They managed to defeat tribalism, hatred , hypocrisy ,corruption and partisan agendas and concentrate on a common national goal – political freedom.

Political independence was achieved by the joint forces of ZIPRA and ZANLA who were under ZAPU and ZANU, the forces did not war against each other but in a cow horn formation battled against the common identified enemy of colonialism.

This is the generation that managed to liberate tthemselves and the people of Zimbabwe. Not all the freedom veterans were educated, but today we salute them for the great political achievement of independence.

Here comes my generation, educated generation who have a responsibility to build an economic struggle and liberate the country economically and socially.

Empowered with all the intellectual tools and ICT as an added advantage , we have chosen to invest in hatred, partisan agenda and blame games to an extent that we have seen everything wrong in everyone including those who successfully waged the struggle of their time .

What we are fast forgetting is that , every struggle must have its own sacrifices and takes only desciplined people to cross over. The generation that founded ZAPU and ZANU in in 1962 and 1963 respectively were younger than even the average political activist of our time. They resigned to selfishness and pride and focused on achieving their desire – the independence of Zimbabwe.

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Today we are here witnessing and celebrating what one generation has to show case as an achievement. Have my fellow colleagues took a thought and say what is that which we are going to pass on to the next generation other than complains and excuses which are supported by high powered diplomas , degrees and PHDs?

We need to begin to understand that, that which binds us is more important than that which separate us. One sentence with a fully proposed progressive idea is better than a thick document full of complains and blame games.

It is a fallacy to dream that Zimbabwe will be better when you and me specialize on folding our hands and became spectators in the economic warfare that we are supposed to be deployed to the battlefield to fight against poverty and its often ugly episodes of violence.

We must realise that a revolution is never inherited but the people in any dispensation have to unite and fight against their commonly identified enemies. We can defeat all the challenges that we are facing if we have the will to do so and by putting Zimbabwe first and our different political parties and CSOs second.

Today we celebrate Zimbabwe @39 for the political independence , in 2040 when you and I are one foot in the grave what will our children’s children celebrate? Or they shall spit on our graves and say die unpopular heroes.

  • Abigale Mupambi is the national coordinator for the Civic Society and Church Joint Forum (CSCJF)

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