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Google ‘Thanos’ and watch what happens…

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Go to Google search. Type in “Thanos.” Click the little cartoon Infinity Gauntlet on the right side.

Now sit back in horror as Evil Space Grimace snaps half of your search results into dust in the wind.

Call it an Easter egg or Snap Engine Optimization. It’s a fun little promotion for the last movie that needs any promoting at this point, having just sailed past $60 million for the biggest-ever Thursday preview.

The trick in itself is pretty cool, but what makes the Easter egg even better is that once the search results have been “balanced”, the search result counter gets updated from 90 million to 45 million. Clicking the glove again will restore the search results.

Endgame is releasing in theaters in the U.S. today, and is on course for a billion-dollar opening weekend.

Be sure to take a look at the spoiler-free review from our friends at TechnoBuffalo to get an idea of what’s in store.

Thanos is a fictional character, a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character, created by writer/artist Jim Starlin, first appeared in The Invincible Iron Man.

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