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I’m giving ZANU-PF some free advice on how to save the economy: Chamisa

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MDC president Nelson Chamisa has fired back at ZANU-PF spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo’s for calling the opposition party leader “misguided and careless” after he called for more street protests against the government.

Chamisa on Workers’ Day threatened to unleash street protests “bigger than those of January,” saying the worsening economic crisis will push people to demonstrate against President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In response, ruling ZANU-PF party through its spokesperson Simon Khaya-Moyo issued a stern warning Mr. Nelson Chamisa, saying any “senseless and misguided” protests will be squashed.

But Chamisa has hit back at Khaya-Moyo.

“How is giving kind advice and wise counsel on the need to resolve people ‘bread and butter’ survival issues through genuine and credible dialogue a careless gesture?

“What is carelessness is failing to take caution when one is being given fair advice on how to save a country!” he fumed.

Businessman Mutumwa Mawere avered that Zimbabwe could not continue to suffer while “two elephants” continue fighting over legitimacy issues.

Responding to Chamisa, Mawere, who is based in South Africa, said: “What if there is no shared understanding about what is kind in the advice that challenges the legitimacy that another believes was genuinely procured?

“Can Zimbabwe have two elephants fighting endlessly about legitimacy? Where should the people’s agenda be surrendered to?”

Khaya-Moyo yesterday also blamed the MDC for the economic challenges facing the nation, saying all problems were a result of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States “at the instigation of the MDC.”

Khaya-Moyo blamed the MDC for the current state of the economy, saying the opposition party had brought sanctions which were affecting the people.

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“The MDC leader Mr. Nelson Chamisa must be reminded of the fact that the economic challenges facing the country can never be solved by misguided demonstrations.

“It must be recalled that the current economic environment is a direct result of the illegal economic sanctions that were lobbied for imposition by the opposition MDC party,’ Khaya-Moyo said.

In a long statement to the media, ZANU-PF also warned that security services will be on hand to deal with any mayhem and anarchy that may arise as a result of what he called “senseless demonstrations.”

Chamisa said his planned protests will be bigger than the protests organised in mid-January by the ZCTU as a stay away against the rise in fuel prices. 17 people died, about 1000 were arrested and nearly 400 were jailed for various crimes ranging from looting shops to public violence.

Nearly 200 people were left nursing gunshot wounds following the mid-January protests. — ZOOMZimbabwe

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