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Pokello’s advice to men: “Women are expensive; choose one you can afford”

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WOMEN do not come cheap, after all.

Zimbabwean socialite and businessperson Pokello Nare has offered some relationship tips to men.

According to the former Big Brother Africa housemate, females are naturally expensive so men should be careful when entering relationships by choosing the women in their ‘price range’, she says.

Pokello also recently said: “I am the poster child for a lot of things not to do but I am also the poster child for how you make lemonade out of lemons, I am the celebrity you either love or hate.

“I am the most unlikely role model but I am here and I make the best out of it,” said Nare.

She made the remarks while speaking during the SheRoars launched last week at the University of Zimbabwe —  ZOOMZimbabwe

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