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Kadoma school girl (14) being sexually abused… Police refuse to act

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CONCERNED parents and residents of Rimuka suburb in Kadoma are up in arms with the local police officers who are refusing to handle a case of a 14-year old Form 3 girl who is being sexually and physically abused by a feared local drug lord who also runs a ruthless machete gang.

The girl (name supplied), who is Form 3 at Rimuka High and is an orphan, is on the verge of dropping out of school as residents suspect she might get pregnant or become a full-time drug mule for a dealer known as Bernard.

She runs away from her maternal grandparents who look after her and pay her fees, then goes to stay with the drug lord.

Speaking to ZOOMZimbabwe, the grandparent expressed hopelessness over the case.

“She comes here, stays for a few days, then the man comes and grab her away in our full view. We are unable to do anything as the man operates a feared gang in the suburb,” he said by telephone interview.

“These are vakomana vema bhemba, and the police are afraid to act as their families will be in danger,” said the grandparent, who is an elderly war veteran.

Each time she leaves her grandparents, the girl goes to stay with a dug lord known as Bernard, whose address is along Jere Street in Rimuka suburb. There, she looks after several younger kids who are suspected to be Bernard’s kids from other women, as well as going to school.

She first eloped in March this year, and since then has moved out and into her grandparents’ home at least four times.

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“She barely spends more than a week here, as he comes to grab her away with his gang,” the girl’s aunt told ZOOMZimbabwe. “We are fearing for the worse. No-one has been of much help.”

At first, the grandparents reported the case at Rimuka police camp. One officer (name given to ZOOMZimbabwe) told them point blank that they could do nothing to Bernard as the whole camp was in awe of him.

“We’ll be dead; our families will be dead. Please seek help elsewhere,” they told the grandparents.

The girl is also reportedly being physically abused, and often at times appears intoxicated.

“Bernard sells hard drugs to the whole town, and has police officers in his pockets,” a Rimuka resident who knows the girl’s predicament told ZOOMZimbabwe. “He is the law in this part of Kadoma.”

“He also reportedly shoots porn videos using the underage children. On Monday, 06 May, this girl we’re talking about managed to escape from Bernard’s closely monitored home. She went back to her grandparents.

“It did not take a day before Bernard’s body guards grabbed her and took  her back and she was given a serious beating. I last saw her on Thursday last week and her head was seriously swollen,” the resident, who requested anonymity, said.

The Rimuka Victim Friendly Unit (VFU) are said to be aware of the incident but declined to act.

At one time, three different officers were assigned to handle the case, but it all dies down without any arrest.

“We suspect she is being gang raped or worse,” the aunt says. “We beg the authorities to please come to our rescue; she is only a kid. She also needs medical attention after being beaten up by Bernard, but he blocks her from visiting any clinic as he fears she would expose him.”

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Efforts to get in touch with Rimuka police have drawn blanks all of Wednesday, as a ZOOMZimbabwe correspondent kept being referred from one phone number to another. — ZOOMZimbabwe

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