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South Africans roast Trevor Noah after comparing Malema to Trump

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South African comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah is facing the wrath of his compatriots and others on social media after comparing the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, Julius Malema to US President Donald Trump in a comedy skit.

In the video which was shared on The Daily Show’s twitter page and later deleted, Noah weighed in on the recently ended elections in South Africa by spotlighting and introducing his audience to Malema and then went ahead to suggest Malema treats the press much worse than Trump.

“If you think Trump is bad, wait until you see how Julius treats the press,” he said before sharing snippets of Malema’s confrontations with the press including him calling a journalist a bastard.

Noah then went ahead to show other snippets of Malema including him calling on the police who enjoy shooting at black people to rather go to parliament and randomly shoot because it’s “full of thugs and criminals”. Another snippet of an interview of him talking about the killing of white South Africans was also shared.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future,” Malema says in the snippet. “I’m saying to you we have not called for the killing of white people, at least for now. I cannot guarantee the future,” he adds before the video is cut.

“He just speaks about genocide like he’s talking about remodelling his kitchen,” Noah weighed in before further joking about it in a mimicked South African voice.

The skit, however, did not go down too well with members of the EFF and a section of South Africans with some labelling him a puppet and propagandist for the US.

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Watch the skit:

South Africans descend on Trevor Noah after comparing Malema to Trump

South Africans descend on Trevor Noah after comparing Julius Malema to Donald Trump

Posted by ZOOM – Zimbabwe News on Wednesday, 15 May 2019

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