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WATCH: ZimParks official praised for diving into mud to save Impala

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A video of an officer of the State-run ZimParks saving a kudu from knee-deep mud has been described as “one of the most heroic animal rescues we have seen caught on video” by foreign media.

A playful little impala gets itself stuck in a big swamp and struggles for its life, only to be rescued and saved by a heroic officer of the Zimbabwe National Park,” reports the Epoch Times magazine, New York.

“He risks his own well-being to save an animal in distress,” the report continues.

After helplessly struggling to free itself, it luckily gets the attention of a local forest officer patrolling in the area.

Bravely, the officer wades into the swamp, anchored to the shoreline with nothing more than a rope, and grabs hold of the impala.

He tried to hold the wild animal, but it was not easy to pull it free from the muddy swamp with his energy alone.

Out of energy, the impala can do little to support its own rescue. Without any other options, the forest officer bravely takes the rope tied around him and ties it around the impala.

Once secure, bystanders on the shoreline begin to pull, tugging harder and harder against the weight and resistance of the muddy swamp, until the forest officer and impala land safely at shore.

It is a daring rescue caught on video.

Watch the video below:

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