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Mahwindo’s beef with Kinnah’s former manager escalates

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Former Kinnah’s manager, Wadis – real name Marshal Bima – is expected to take legal action against socialite Mahwindo accusing her of tarnishing his image on social media.

Last week, this publication carried a story about the separation of Kinnah and his long serving manager Wadis. (Read the story HERE).

Mahwindo took to Facebook accusing Wadis of duping Kinnah of his money before dumping him at the Robert Gabriel International Airport.

“I think I should declare myself an artist’s activist because am more into defending artistes especially pandoona kuti varikubatirirwa.

“My heart bleeds for Kinnah, he was never lucky in terms of getting a good manager it’s a pity.

Kinnah and Wadis

“I was reading an article that his manager terminated his contract pa airport I am still wondering kuti what type of contract was it?

“May God intervene in Kinnah’s camp and help him to find a royal manager,” goes part of one of her posts.

After several posts on the social media, Mahwindo was slammed by music fans for starting a war on social media with Wadis who never responded to her messages.

In another post Mahwindo accused Wadis of stealing money from Kinnah which he used to open a car sale.

Contacted for comment Mahwindo said she was not at liberty to give a comment.

“I have no comment but nyaya dzeku Facebook siyanai nadzo, what if tirikutamba.

“Ini naWadis tozivana,” she said.

Wadis said he is gathering all the information sent by Mahwindo on social media so that he can sue her for tarnishing his image.

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“I am consulting my legal representatives to give me the direction on how we can handle the issue.

“I am not a violent man and that’s why I remained quiet and never responded to her posts.

“I have worked with several artistes and I have never stolen from any one.

“I work hard with my own hands,” he said.

He added: “Maybe she wants attention.

“As I told you earlier on, I am still in good books with Kinnah and I am still available to assist him.”

Asked about the car sale issue, he laughed and said these are malicious allegations which need to be proved at court.

Former Kinnah’s manager also told this publication that several artistes are approaching him to be their manager.

“I am receiving calls from different musicians who are asking me to be their manager.

“I have other commitments at the moment and I can’t manage anyone because it’s so stressful,” he said. H-Metro

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