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US$38 for Warriors jerseys… But why make fans wear different jerseys from players?

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The Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) in collaboration with sportswear maker Umbro on Thursday unveiled five different Umbro’s Zimbabwe national soccer team kits, but Warriors fans have expressed shock at why Zifa would want fans to wear jerseys different from the players’.

The yellow/red stripes and green/red are not for the players but fans, who can buy for USD38, branded as “limited edition”.

Fan’s jerseys

The three plain kits are for the team, with the yellowish one tipped to be the home kit.

“Why do they want to divorce us from our team by making us buy a different kit from that of the teams? I’m smelling a rat in this whole deal,” one fan said.

Players’ kit

Another one fired a question: “But is it the norm internationally to have a replica jersey different from the one that a particular team wears on match day?”

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