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Acie Lumumba invited President Mnangagwa on the #TLF Drive show

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Media personality Acie Lumumba has invited President Emmerson Mnangagwa to feature on his unique online show called #TLF Drive in which he drives celebrities and influential people around Harare while asking them questions.

Lumumba, real name Gerald Mutumanje, also has wanted to have MDC leader Nelson Chamisa on the show, but the plan could not succeed due to the ongoing opposition party’s congress preparations.

This came out in an interview Lumumba had with the State media.

Asked if there instances where some personalities refused to be part of the show, Lumumba replied: “I would not really say they refused, but there were some people whose schedules could not meet mine like Nelson Chamisa because of congress dates.

“We were also unable to do the drive with President Mnangagwa because he had a tight schedule at that moment.

“With Winky D, we could not do an interview because of reasons best known to his manager, but he did not refuse himself.”

Lumumba also revealed that the number one objective of his show is to make his guests look better than they did before coming to the show.

Lumumba, in a recent interview with Ivy Kombo, appeared to have dismayed his followers who complained he did not ask the important questions to do with her relationship with Pastor Kasi.

“My show is not there to scandalise my guests, but the number one objective of the show is to make my guests look better than they did before coming to the show. I would have shut down that whole show by asking Ivy Kombo one question “Ivy how did you meet your husband?” but that’s not the agenda,” says Lumumba.

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Lumumba chickened out of asking Ivy what the “crowd” wanted

He revealed he came up with the #TLF Drive after the elections upon realising that the elections was ebbing and people wanted to move on with their lives.

“I wanted to have a platform that would allow me to have conversations with personalities that I was interested in, while also allowing the public to eavesdrop into the conversation.

“The concept was inspired by many similar concepts around the world like the Carpool Karaoke. Also, I was done with political messaging so once we got past the elections I came up with this show as I wanted to rebrand the Acie Lumumba brand in a different direction,” he said.

The show, which had a very good production, became an instant hit as an eloquent Acie carefully selected his guests and made the interviews fun through his creativity. All the 13 episodes received positive feedback and attracted new followers each week.

Among those who were interviewed were Jah Prayzah, Kikky BadA$$, Madam Boss, Mai Titi, Ivy Kombo, Lorraine ‘Ndinyengeiwo’ Guyo, Tamy Moyo, Ammara Brown, Vimbai Zimuto, the Chicken Inn couple and lastly Gemma Griffiths

Not only did the show attract new followers, but corporates in the form of Premier Auto, Steward Bank and Chicken Inn, who sponsored it showing how much of a game changer it was. 

He named the drive show, which was shown on Facebook and YouTube at 9PM on Sunday evenings, The Lumumba Files (TLF) with his first guest being businessman and party freak Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure. Thousands tuned in to watch the debut show as it came at a time when Ginimbi had been acquitted of fraud charges.

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“There is definitely going to be season two. I can give you a sneak peak that we are going to be doing TLF out of the country as well as we’re working on a major deal out of the country,” said Lumumba. — ZOOMZimbabwe

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