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ZIPP not part of POLAD and Innocent Mupanganyama does not represent ZIPP on POLAD

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On 16th of April 2019 Innocent Mupanganyama aka General Netanyahu was relieved of his official duties as party spokesperson. Like Linda Masarira he had lost the plot.

Innocent Mupanganyama is a renowned political prostitute who has moved from one political movement to another in a bid to fleece money and survive since he left National Railways sometime back.

His failure to follow party principles on many issues and a lot of misrepresentations led to his being subsequently relieved of his duties as party spokesperson.

He immediately went on to form Straight Back Pride Partnership a party he said represented the will of Zimbabweans. He castigated ZIPP on many platforms and tried to recruit prominent members of ZIPP without success.

After realizing that his SBPP project was not attractive enough he thought of joining the gravy train of Zanu PF‘s POLAD. He could not join POLAD as SBPP because it did not partake in the last plebiscite. He went to the converners of POLAD and misrepresented himself as representing ZIPP.

The official position of ZIPP on dialogue is known. ZIPP is not part and parcel of POLAD. ZIPP went into the last elections as a single entity and was not in any alliance. It is therefore necessary for Zimbabweans to know that ZIPP has never been for this dialogue witch it feels its not sincere.

Innocent Mupanganyama is either representing his SBPP or his handler Zanu PF not ZIPP in POLAD. This must be fully known by all Zimbabweans worth their salt. It is a shame that Zanu PF can stoop so low and use money to try and hoodwink people into believing that ZIPP is part and parcel of POLAD.

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In light of the above situation ZIPP has never changed its leadership. It is still being under the able leadership of Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru and is on the ground mobilizing for 2023. ZIPP is growing in strength each and every day and has a strong, vibrant, young and able leadership to guide it into the future. It is indeed the party of the future

Budiriro nenhaka
Dry bones will rise again
Chirere chigokurerawo

Dr Blessing Kasiyamhuru, ZIPP president

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