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Surface Wilmar resumes cooking oil operations at Chitungwiza plant

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COOKING oil manufacturer Surface Wilmar has resumed operations after receiving foreign currency support from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

This comes after the Pure Drop maker had suspended its operations in January this year citing foreign currency shortages, which have continued to affect the local industry leading to continued failure to service foreign supplier obligations.

Surface Wilmar owns Chitungwiza-based Surface (manufacturers of Pure Drop)  and Olivine Industries.

Surface Wilmar CEO Sylvester Mangani said the funding availed had seen the company resuming operations, although further capital is still required to hit full production.

He said the company has resumed production of Pure Drop and Olivine cooking oil brands. “We had stopped production because of foreign currency challenges but our commitment to Zimbabwe never changed.

“We remain firmly committed to Zimbabwe and it is our belief that we will remain the biggest cooking oil manufacturer,” said Mangani. — BusinessTimes

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