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ED ally warns coup plotters: “We’ll reply in kind”

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PRESIDENT Mnangagwa’s ally has warned those who might be fancying another military coup that they will be disappointed.

Terrence Mukupe, who is the former deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, delivered the warning after reports of a planned military operation to remove Mnangagwa

Mukupe took to social media to warn that military that they were dreaming if they thought they could use the same strategy twice.

Mukupe then went on to say that there will be a response in kind. While the former minister did not use a lot of words, he attached the infamous video in which (then) Major General Sibusiso Moyo announced the coup with the words, “The situation in our country has moved to another level.”

A report on Friday by an online paper said that some military hardliners were on the verge of booting President Emmerson Mnangagwa out of office at any moment now, through another subtle military intervention, allegedly called ‘Operation Restore Economy’. — ZOOMZimbabwe

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