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Photo of aide tying Chamisa’s shoe laces torches debate

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A photo of one of the aides to MDC leader Nelson Chamisa tying up the MDC president’s shoe laces has torched fierce debate on social media, with some saying this is a perfect case of hero-worshiping political leaders.

In the photo, which was shared by BusinessTimes photo journalist Tafadzwa Ufumeli, an aide goes down on the ground to do the shoe laces while Chamisa stands upright.

This happened on Sunday at the MDC 5th Congress which winds down in Gweru this evening

“Zimbabweans and their Hero worshiping. We created Mugabe’s ego in this manner and it got into his head. Now Chamisa is receiving Bob kinda treatment MT the real Giant never did this. Guy should decline these gestures,” one Musindire says.

Howard Chiramba says: “Today he is humbling himself sitting on a plastic chair, tomorrow he can’t even tie his own shoe laces.”

“Zimbabwe is bewitched for sure,” another says.

Nevyline Dhlamini, however, says the aide was only doing his job.

“It’s part of his job ahhh imi angabhadharirwe kuti angofamba paside paPresident chete.”

Yet another one says: “Ndirimutsigiri we bato rinodiwa neruzhinji asi izvi zvinondivundutsa…becareful of zanu tendencies lest we create another monster like Mugabes n Dambudzos… hope am wrong…. chisa mbama chisa…machinja ese anerudo tichawana korona.”

Photo Credit: Tafadzwa Ufumeli, Business Times

It could not be ascertained what job descriptions Chamisa’s aide have. — ZOOMZimbabwe

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