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You can’t force yourself on Chamisa’s people: Linda Masarira tells Khupe

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FEARLESS politician Linda Masarira has told MDC-T president Thokozani Khupe to mind her own party which went to congress on 21 April 2018, urging her not to pursue the ‘losing’ battle of forcing herself on people who do not support her.

Masarira, who was MDC-T spokesperson for a year until she was fired on April fools’ day, also said politics has defeated the High Court ruling by Justice Edith Mushore which rendered Nelson Chamisa‘s leadership of MDC null and void.

“My humble advice to my erstwhile Dr. Thokozani Khupe is to focus on her party MDC-T, build its brand and stop all this political hullabaloo.

“At the end of all these legal challenges, it will leave their party leadership broken, frustrated, fatigued and defeated,” says Masarira, who now leads her ow political outfit LEAD.

Turning to Justice Mushore’s judgement which Chamisa has appealed at the Supreme Court, Masarira said the judgement has been rendered of no consequence in view of Chamisa’s successful Congress which ends today in Gweru.

“Politics has overridden the court judgement. Dr. Thokozani Khupe has her own party which went to congress on 21 April 2018.

“I don’t understand why they want to go for another extraordinary congress. What is their end game? You can’t force yourself on people.”

Masarira’s statements come as Thokozani Khupe has announced that she is preparing for an extraordinary congress towards implementing that recently handed down High Court order that compelled the party to go for a congress to elect a leader who will succeed Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. 

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“The preparations for the MDC-T extra ordinary congress are at an advanced in line with the High Court Judgment,” Khupe said in a statement issued through her Spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni.

“Very soon all the delegates of our 2014 congress will have an opportunity to once again retain our movement to its former glorious days of steadfastness to the culture, character, values and principles of social Democracy.”

She urged the party members not to worry over Advocate Nelson  Chamisa’s Gweru event as it was not a genuine Congress.

“There is therefore no need to panic or even employ money and energy in stopping some  gathering purported to be our congress as such a gathering is null and void and only amounts to a jamboree.

“I will soon be visiting all the districts and wards of our Movement in preparation for the MDC-T legitimate Extra-Ordinary Congress.”

Khupe revealed that MDC-T structures have instructed her to free the party from the jaws of a former ZANU PF faction called the G40.

“I have had extensive consultations with different stake holders and constituencies and all are determined to take our Party back from the toxic claws of the infamous G40.”

Turning to the Supreme Court appeal lodged by Advocate Nelson Chamisa on Thursday Khupe said, “We welcome the appeal of the High Court judgment by NEC Member Mr Nelson Chamisa, frivolous as it is, at least it is a departure from the slippery slope posture of impugning the judiciary every time the judgment is not favorable to one’s subjective democracy.

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“We have a lot of legal and political options we can employ moving forward and l want the membership to take courage in that our strength is derived from our strong commitment to constitutionalism and democratic values and processes.

“I urge all our cadres to remain vigilant, loyal and dedicated to the values of our struggle and the character and culture of our movement during this tiring time. Rest assured, victory is certain!” — ZOOMZimbabwe

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