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‘President Mnangagwa’s life is in danger’

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THE President and his escorting outriders are in increasing danger on the roads from motorists who block or interfere with the presidential motorcade, against the dictates of the Highway Code, the information ministry has said.

The ministry further said in the past week alone, President Mnangagwa’s motorcade has been involved in two freak incidences.

“In the last week, there has been two incidents where two motorists have obstructed the presidential motorcade, therefore endangering the life of the principal (Mnangagwa), the public, the escorting security and themselves.

“May we encourage commuting motorists to cooperate with law enforcement support team,” the Ministry said.

Recently, the Zimbabwe Republic Police and the Harare City Council have been urging motorists to respect vehicles sounding sirens. This follows complaints from emergency service providers such as ambulance drivers that some motorists especially pirate taxis refused to give way to ambulances and fire engines.

According to the law, all motorists must pull off the road and give the right of way to the Presidential motorcade. 

The Highway Code says a fire engine, ambulance or police vehicle sounding its sirens takes precedence over all other traffic, remain stationary until it has passed. 

In 2012 one person died on the spot while 15 others were injured when a police escort vehicle leading the Presidential motorcade was involved in a head-on collision with a commuter omnibus along the Robert Mugabe Highway in Zvimba.

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