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20 Zhombe schools manned by unqualified heads: MP Samambwa

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THE Member of the House of Assembly for Zhombe, Edmore Samambwa (Zanu-PF), has decried the fall in the education standards in Zhombe which has seen some schools recording zero percent pass rate in national examinations, a situation he blames on the large number of unqualified teachers and headmasters in the Midlands Province rural area.

Speaking to officials who included Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Senator Larry Mavima during a briefing before the commissioning of a rural electrification project at Manzimnyama Primary and Secondary Schools, Samambwa blamed Kwekwe District Schools Inspector (DSI) Mr Bernard Mazambani, who was also part of the briefing, for transferring teachers from the schools for unknown reason.

Last month, a Zibagwe RDC full council meeting degenerated into chaos with Councillors from Zhombe and Silobela calling for Mr Mazambani’s head who stood accused of destroying the education sector in the district.

“Most schools record zero percent pass rate and this is largely because we do not have qualified teachers, especially school heads,” said Mr Samambwa.

“I am glad that the DSI is in here, I am pleading with him to stop transferring qualified teachers from the area. Today we get a qualified head and tomorrow he is transferred.”

Mr Samambwa said most schools in Zhombe were manned by acting heads , a situation which was not conducive as it made it difficult for acting heads to supervise other teachers who of the same grade.

“What bothers me is that today a qualified head or teacher comes, the next day he is transferred to another school. We have more than 20 schools that are manned by unqualified heads, a situation that is not health at all. I urge you Minister (Mavima) to look into the matter,” he said.

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Edmore Samambwa, Zhombe MP Pic: ZOOMING INTO ZHOMBE

Sen Mavima promised to launch an investigation into the matter saying education was a necessity if the country was to develop.

“I will instruct a team led by PA (Mr Albiot Maronge) to look into the matter,” he said.

“It is so disheartening if such things are happening, but for now I shall not talk much until an investigation is carried out and I receive the report on what exactly is going on.

“What I can say for now is that education is a necessity if the country is to move forward, there is need for equality in education.”

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