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Jonathan Moyo unleashes ED’s skeletons

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Professor Jonathan Moyo says he holds incriminating evidence regarding the gruesome crippling of former journalist Godfrey Majonga. 

In 2017 former President Robert Mugabe told party supporters at a youth interface rally in Bindura that Jonathan Moyo claimed President Emmerson Mnangagwa almost succeeded in ending the career of Majonga.

When was challenged to provide evidence on Twitter last week Prof Moyo said, “Majonga Gaff? Don’t tempt us to post here unassailable eyewitness V11s on what happened to Godfrey Majonga; who did it, when, where and why. There’s even a docket on that. Whoever thinks they destroyed the irrefutable evidence after the 15 November military coup is fooling themselves!”

Moyo warned Mnangagwa supporters to be very careful because they were not dealing with am amateur.

“They must be careful. Very careful. The matters at stake are of historic importance. Zimbabwe will never have peace until these matters are resolved through an INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL. The culprits and their supporters must know they are not dealing with amateurs or dunderheads.”

During the 2017 rally, Mugabe claimed at a rally that Mnangagwa found Majonga in a flat of his girlfriend and, raging with fury, allegedly forced him to choose between sitting on a red-hot stove or jumping to his death from the third floor of a downtown high rise building in the capital.

Majonga allegedly took the easy route of jumping through the window of the flat.  The former broadcaster sustained multiple injuries following the fall, with his nervous system devastated by spinal cord injuries from blunt force trauma after landing on hard concrete.

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He became paralysed and wheelchair-bound for life, and is employed at the Danhiko Project in Msasa, Harare.

Mnangagwa once initiated court proceedings to sue Moyo over the matter.

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