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Chamisa must accept defeat and work with

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ANGOLA’S outgoing ambassador Pedro Hendrik Vaal Neto (pictured) has called on the MDC-Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa to accept defeat, shun violence and work with Government in nation building..

“Whenever an opposition party loses in an election they must not work against their country but support the winner in the nation building,” he said.

“The opposition must accept the realities that they lost the elections. It is not easy to lose, but you have to accept that you have lost and give the opportunity to the ones who won to govern and even to give support.”

Neto said this while speaking to journalists after bidding farewell to President Emmerson Mnangagwa at his Munhumutapa Offices in Harare Monday.

Ambassador Neto said losing an election does not mean losing the nationality. “You do not lose your identity. You still remain Zimbabwean hence you have a duty to work in favour of your country. Being in opposition does not mean that you become a foreigner.”

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