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Mliswa tackles the Lamborghini petrol-head MP over $400,000 supercar

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NORTON legislator Temba Mliswa (INDEPENDENT) has fired a salvo at Zanu-PF‘s Gokwe-Nembudziya MP Justice Mayor Wadyajena who recently imported a US$400 000 Lamborghini Urus SUV.

Mliswa, just like many Zimbabweans, accuse the youthful Zanu-PF legislator of being insensitive and flaunting riches when most Zimbabweans are suffering.

“Meanwhile, in Gokwe-Nyembudziya….. I’ll just leave that there with the announcement that I’ll soon be introducing a mahewu supplementary meal scheme for schoolchildren at Primary Schools in Norton….watch this space,” said Mliswa on his Twitter account.

On his part, Wadyajena recently told fellow Mliswa and other legislators from both his party and the opposition MDC to start their own businesses if they wanted luxury cars such as the Toyota Landcruisers.

This was after the MPs united across the political divide to demand luxury vehicles from Treasury.

Mliswa especially put up a spirited effort when he ambushed Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube with demands for Toyota Landcruiser VXs in exchange for them to approve his 2019 budget statement.

The MPs also demanded gym subscription facilities, iPad devices and diplomatic passports, among other demands. They also demanded golf courses to relax out on weekends.

Wadyajena tackled them head-on: “Some MPs see Parliament as a full time job and a means to extort money from businesses. Diplomatic passport isn’t a right but a privilege for specific functions in Parliament. MPs should start businesses to own Landcruiser VXs.”

Justice Mayor Wadyajena arriving at Parliament in a Jaguar XJ

It is with this in context that Mliswa is seen as having a comeback on Wadyajena.

In 2013, Justice Mayor Wadyajena was one of two MPs together with Temba Mliswa and David Coltart who refused to take cars under the Parliamentary Vehicle Loan Scheme, arguing that there were more pressing issues that needed to be prioritised.

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Wadyajena’s constituency is know to have some of the worst road networks in Zimbabwe. — ZOOMZimbabwe

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