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Zanu-PF opens branch in Scotland

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THE Zanu-PF UK/Europe District has opened a new branch in Scotland, a development which the party’s officials in the UK said was a clear sign that Zimbabweans in the UK were turning to Zanu-PF and abandoning the MDC, which used to be dominant in the region.

In his speech to launch the Scotland branch, Zanu-PF UK/Europe District secretary for Administration Xavier Zavare encouraged members to take the battle to the enemy, highlighting the successes and achievements of Zanu-PF since independence.

‘‘I urge all party members and the new members who have joined Zanu-PF today to feel at home and not to be swayed by exaggerated social media reports which seek to portray the country as broken,” he said.

“We fully understand how current austerity measures are helping to stabilise the economy before it fully propels into an upward trajectory to meet the objective of having a middle income economy by 2030.’’

“We have achieved a lot of success as a party since independence and we should be proud of our history in Government as a party,” he said.

Zavare told the members that since independence, the Zanu-PF Government has built universities in every province of the country totalling 15, with the 16th being built in Mashonaland East, compared to a single university at independence.

“Members and supporters should not believe opposition lies that Zanu-PF has done nothing for the country,” he said.

During the launch, Lazarus Nyagumbo, the District’s secretary for the Commissariat, explained to the members what Zanu-PF stands for and how members are expected to behave, as well as promote the party.

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Masimba Tawengwa, the Zanu-PF UK/Europe District chairman, said the opening of the Scotland branch was a clear sign that Zimbabweans in the UK were turning to Zanu-PF

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