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FULL TEXT: Talent Chiwenga’s letter to ED, week before accident

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Harare preacher Apostle Talent Chiwenga, whose sermons would infuriate both the ruling party and opposition supporters alike, was involved in a horrific accident yesterday which claimed the lives of three people including his wife.

Chiwenga last week wrote to President Emmerson Mnangagwa requesting a meeting.  In the letter, Chiwenga claimed that his life was in danger and insisted he was no threat to the government.

Furthermore, he said he was being stalked by operatives from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) and Military Intelligence Directorate (MID).

Below is the letter in full:

Sir, I am being followed by unregistered vehicles believed to be from the Central Intelligence Organisation or from the Military Intelligence Department of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, I am receiving death threats almost on a daily basis and this is because I preach the true gospel of Christ that condemns sin and calls all men to repentance, for God is not a respecter of persons.

It is my honest and humble opinion, Sir, that the people who are giving orders to military personnel or State security agents to kill me are your employees or your subordinates. I don’t see myself as a security or political threat to anyone in this country, because I am a preacher of the gospel whose tools are the Bible and the microphone.

I am therefore asking to see you so that I may among other things surrender myself to you and your administration so that if I do not get an opportunity to answer to issues I am being stalked and threatened for, at least I will save the government’s tax payers’ money which is being used to stalk me and harass me, if I have to die for the gospel I preach (which I am ready to die for), at least I will avail myself.

In one of his sermons after delivering the letter, Chiwenga claimed he had not been responded to. He also indicated that he would this next week (this week) personally go to the President’s offices and request a meeting.

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