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After me, Zimbabwe must have a younger President: ED

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said that he would wish to see Zimbabwe having a young president when he vacates office.

He was speaking during a live radio show hosted by Capitalk 100.4 FM on Friday evening and was carried across multiple platforms on social media.

“I ask that the next Zimbabwean president who come after me should be younger than me. We don’t have to keep having only older people leading this nation,” he said.

On th issue of the ongoing Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) process, he said MDC leader Nelson Chamisa was free to attend if he so wished.

“I cannot take a bulldozer and drag Nelson Chamisa from his house to come for talks with me. We invited all the political parties and players to come for dialogue, he is a political player and can also come. I don’t think anyone should feel proud and more important than others.”

He said that he told the participants to the dialogue that he would prefer to see Zimbabwe electing a young president when he leaves the office.

President Mnangagwa vowed to fight for reform leading to equal opportunities, a mission that is rooted in his liberation pedigree.

“In my youth, as a soldier, I had a clear mission. To establish an independent Zimbabwe. I fought for this mission with all my heart, whatever the consequences.

“Now, as your President, I have a new mission, no less important. To reform Zimbabwe so that we build a country in which all have the opportunity to prosper. I will fight for this goal with all my heart and all my soul, whatever it takes.

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“The process is tough, but I promise you it is worth it. We will reform Zimbabwe together. We will fulfil our potential. We will build our new Zimbabwe for all,” he said.

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