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Highlights from President Mnangagwa’s Live Interview on Capitalk FM

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa says they have identified what needs to be done to achieve the 2030 goal to make Zimbabwe better

Responding to a question on prices hikes President Mnangagwa said we are bound to face challenges in working on resurrecting an economy that had collapsed

“We also need to retool the industry in the manufacturing sector and enter global market,” he said.

Mnangagwa added that government is also feeling the pinch of the austerity measures as their salaries were cut down

On social welfare safety nets the Gvt has introduced Zupco buses which are going to be increase in number soon. He added that there will be subsidies for basic commodities that will be introduced.

“Every country must have its own currency. Each country names its currency. Zimbabwe must reach that position where it has its own currency. So far the RTGS$ is the strongest currency in the SADC region.

“We will have a new currency that will be our own Zimbabwe currency. It will be the only working currency meaning all foreign currency that comes in from then on will go to the bank to be changed into Zimbabwe currency

“We need to make a legal framework that makes the Zimbabwean dollar legal tender.

“We embarked on fiscal consolidation which has led to us having fiscal surpluses. It is these surpluses that are using to fund safety nets which we use to cushion the vulnerable among us,” he said.

He spoke against terrible price increases. He questioned why employers who raise prices don’t also raise their employees’ salaries. He again questioned why employers charge prices in USD yet they do not pay salaries in USD.

“We have experienced a budget surplus, and it’s from this surplus that we will fund initiatives to provide safety nets for our community. We will take painful reforms, and it’s only through reforms that eventually our people will appreciate.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa explained that our fuel is the cheapest in the region.

“In dollar terms, our fuel price has not gone up, but because of the changing rates, the fuel price has gone up in RTGS term.

“To rise from the ashes of collapsed currency, and a collapsed economy, we must walk together, but also we must make essential reforms.

“We can’t introduce a new currency before we get all things right. We must be having production for exports, we must deal with corruption, and the mindsets of our people must be proud to have our own currency and not think we are better with the other people’s currencies.

“South Africa gave us a checklist before we could use their rand. Some of the things included our GDP, & size of the economy. Zimbabwe could not match those demands, hence we couldn’t join the Rand Monetary Union.

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“We’ve been a nation that’s been polarised on the political space. I pledged that I will be a listening president, and would want every Zimbabwean to come up with ideas so that we can move Zimbabwe forward together…”

“I asked all political parties to create a peaceful and harmonious environment before elections. Unfortunately we had violence two days after the election. I invited the opposition party that had most MPs to come and be the leader of opposition, that was spurned..”

“We had two parties that had withdrawn from the political actors dialogue who have asked to return to #POLAD.”

“I asked that the next Zimbabwean president who come after me should be younger than me. We don’t have to keep having only older people leading this nation.”

“I cannot take a bulldozer and drag Nelson Chamisa from his house to come for talks with me. We invited all the political parties and players to come for dialogue, he is a political player and can also come. I don’t think anyone should feel proud and more important than others.”

On Land Audit, HE Emmerson Mnangagwa highlighted that the audit is in progress but report has not yet been finalised.

“However multiple land ownership is being seen, some having 16 farms (Grace Mugabe..). land belongs to all of us, not to some of us.”

On Land being bankable, he said banks are still using the colonial mindset of tenure and landownership.

“We’ve made some legal changes which enables people to access loans, 99 year leases must be acceptable we don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t.

“Zimbabwe is not a population of angels. It’s possible that one can be mistreated by officials in ministries, but they can appeal to higher offices. If there are things we can do to assist we will certainly do.”

“Eight provinces have now had their Land Audit. I know some high profile people with multiple farms. I know of a lady called Stop It (Grace Mugabe) with 16 farms.”

Mnangagwa takes us through the constitutional demands of cabinet appointments. He highlights on PROVINCIAL REPRESENTATION, GENDER, and also SKILLS.

“I am happy with my team (CABINET) but expect some of them to make improvements. I can dismiss some of them, the constitution allows me to do so.”

“It is necessary to have Deputy Ministers. Some of the ministries are too broad, and deputy ministers assist to manage all the clusters of the ministry.”

As a president, after elections you have to pick ministers from? those who would have been voted in except for 5. I have to take 2 from each province and I also have to gender balance the Cabinet. After that you can discover that some are not as good as you thought.

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“When we came from the bush, none of us had experience of running a government, we were just ushered into government, and we had to learn to be administrators. I agree that we need youth to learn about institutions and governance so that they can be leaders where we are gone.”

“We have now learnt that we cannot procure that which only one person or company can supply. We will have learnt and will not put our eggs in one basket.”

“We have a company that introduced new technology in the production of passports. However this company has decided to hold the department at ransom by demanding certain payments. They said they will not print any more passports, because of legacy debts..”

“We chipped in and paid the money. However the money was used to pay for consumables. And the company still demanded payments for consumables. However we realised that FIDELITY PRINTERS has the capacity to print passports.”

“We have invested in ensuring that every district council has equipment to construct roads. If you identify that there are roads which need urgent attention, kindly report to your ward or district council so that they can pay urgent attention.”

“Doctors gave us a list of demands that hospitals need, we inquired on how much would be required, which I cannot disclose now. However @narendramodi India invited us to come see what we can get from India, and the amount we found enabled us to buy equipment for 5 hospitals”

RBZ will make payment arrangements and we will expect delivery once payment has been made.”

“If you compare the state of roads before the New Dispensation and now you will notice the difference. We have given equipment to all Districts. Prioritization is done at local level. We have not done all roads but we are working on it”

“We have created a department that oversees the needs nd demands of the people living with different disabilities in the OPC. We keep taking ideas from their representatives, some we have excelled, and some still require amending the constitution to enable their enforcement.”

“We are repealing POSA and AIPPA, which have been heavily criticised and are symbols of the past. We will reform, it’s the only way to go. Whilst it will hurt and cause temporary upheaval, we have to continue on the path of reform.”

*Final Thoughts*

What I want my legacy to be is to reform the economy and the way we do things. Reform our institutions and laws. We must embrace a new way of doing things

Yes today is tough, but tomorrow is better and better. There is only one path, reform, reform, reform!

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