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Parties that left ongoing dialogue have requested re-admission: ED

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President Emerson Mnangagwa said that some political parties that were part of the ongoing Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) and left, have approached him seeking readmission to the process.

He was speaking on Friday at a meeting with a dozen and a half or so political parties that accepted his call for dialogue.

Without giving out the names of the parties that are seeking to return to the process, President Mnangagwa said: “I have received an inquiry from some political parties outside the dialogue, who were once here and left, who want to come back, but I have told them to go to the conveners.”

The process is being co-convened by National Peace and Reconciliation Commission chairperson retired Justice Selo Nare and Zimbabwe Gender Commission chairperson Mrs Margaret Sangarwe-Mukahanana.

Some of the political leaders who left the dialogue include Noah Manyika, Daniel Shumba and Nkosana Moyo’s Alliance for the People’s Agenda.

MDC Alliance president Nelson Chamisa refused to take part in the dialogue from the onset, demanding an external mediator rather than the local coveners.

Chamisa has also rejected the process as it involves candidates who polled insignificant numbers and fully accepted the “flawed” electoral process.

Some political analysts say that the dialogue process, without Chamisa’s involvement, will not end the country’s political polarisation as roughly half of the population supports him.

President Mnangagwa, speaking during a live radio broadcast later on Friday evening, said inasmuch as he wants MDC leader Nelson Chamisa to be part of the dialogue process, he cannot force him to attend.

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“I asked all political parties to create a peaceful and harmonious environment before elections. Unfortunately we had violence two days after the election. I invited the opposition party that had most MPs to come and be the leader of opposition, that was spurned..”

“We had two parties that had withdrawn from the political actors dialogue who have asked to return to #POLAD.”

“I asked that the next Zimbabwean president who come after me should be younger than me. We don’t have to keep having only older people leading this nation.”

“I cannot take a bulldozer and drag Nelson Chamisa from his house to come for talks with me. We invited all the political parties and players to come for dialogue, he is a political player and can also come. I don’t think anyone should feel proud and more important than others.”

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