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‘President Mnangagwa’s nephew behind banning of US Dollars’

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SELF-exiled former Cabinet Minister Jonathan Moyo has alleged that President Emmerson Mnangagwa‘s nephew Edwin Manikai is the man behind the banning of the multi-currency in Zimbabwe.

Manikai is a member of the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC). 

Jonathan Moyo also said at least three members of the PAC have resigned or withdrawn quietly.

Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono recently posted on social media saying that the SI142/2019 was written without Mthuli Ncube‘s knowledge and that the Finance Minister was being forced to defend it. 

Confirming Chin’ono statement, Jonathan Moyo said, “The PAC which is full of Mnangagwa’s cronies has become his defacto cabinet. PAC and not Mthuli Ncube drafted the SI142 and engineered ZANU PF corruption probe.”

Moyo who said the PAC was now a de facto cabinet said, “It was not drafted by 21, in fact the number is not the original and some indications are that they are now 18.

“They work through subcommittees. The SI was done by the subcommittee that does legal stuff and it is headed by Edwin Manikai, a lawyer and Mnangagwa’s nephew.”

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