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PICTURES: Police officer caught stealing sausages in supermarket

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In a typical case of who will police the police, a male police officer has been shamed after he was caught stealing Russian smoked sausages inside a TM Pick ‘n Pay supermarket in Harare.

In photos that are trending on social media, man dressed in complete police uniform tried to stuff the take away lunch pack into his riot trousers.

Unfortunately for him, alert shop officials had him under spotlight and shamed him.

Writing on Twitter, prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono blamed the thieving on the poor salaries that civil servants are earning.

Said Chin’ono: “This policeman was caught stealing in TM today. This announces a failing State which can’t even look after its Law Enforcement! This man is hungry. When the outcomes of a corrupt and incompetent regime roll-out, they will not select by party affiliation, they will bite all of us!”

Other Zimbabweans on social media, however, said there must ne no justification for stealing.

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