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Roki’s uphill task to resurrect Urban Grooves

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With Chillspot leading Zimdancehall’s domination over other music genres, artists attempting a comeback into the game outside the dominant ghetto oriented genre have found it difficult to manage a slick return, urban groover Rockford “Roki” Josphats is no exception.

After announcing his return early this year, Roki has failed to navigate a hit song onto the charts which has persuaded him to assess different avenues that can lead him back into the spotlight.

The Chidzoka singer has triggered conversations around the likelihood of reviving the urban grooves movement through establishing the Zimbabwe Urban Grooves Awards (ZUGA) in a shot aimed at countering the much-hyped Zimdancehall and Zim Hip-hop awards.
Urban Grooves banged the national airwaves in the late 90s, early 2000s as a convergence of various genres that scintillated the urban population.

However, with Zim hip-hop and Zimdancehall overtaking the once fancied genre, Roki who during the time became the face of the movement is drooling to re-establish and re-organise artistes as they seek to fight for space and recognition in the country.

“You know there is a lot of good music outside Zimdancehall and Zim hip-hop which has found its way into the mainstream. Unfortunately, because most of these songs do not belong to either of the country’s biggest genres at the moment, they have not been granted their well-deserved appreciation and recognition. 

“So with this initiative, the idea is to award those who are doing it big outside those two genres,” said the Chidzoka singer.

He said they have already started to prepare and arrange towards materializing the idea.

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“We have already started to look for promoters to partner with, in our quest towards making this idea feasible,” he said.

It is definitely a good dream, but, is the resurrection of Urban Grooves feasible or Roki is just pursuing a monumental flop? — Online

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