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Chamisa refuses to give party supporters a ‘signal’

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MDC president Nelson Chamisa, who before the party’s congress had said he would give supporters a ‘signal’ to begin crippling protests across the country, has said he won’t give anyone a signal.

Chamisa said that party supporters must not be confused by the party’s inaction saying that they have a solid plan to rescue the country from political and economic crises.

His remarks come at a time when MDC supporters are demanding party leadership to nod to protests against arrests of party members.

He said: “We are thought leaders, but beyond being thought leaders we are actors. So when we think, we also act. We have two courages, the courage to think and the courage to act. So when you have seen us not acting, it’s because acting, its moment has not come. But when it comes, we will act.

“I say this because i know … eeh takamirira signal, eeh takamirira signal. No! there will be no signal, you’re the signal. (I say this because I know some are saying we’re waiting for the signal. No! there will be no signal, you’re the signal).”

Chamisa further said that giving a signal will only alert the ZANU PF party.

He also said that the MDC will implement democratic measures in its endeavour to take power away from the ZANU PF. He said that peaceful demonstrations were constitutional.

He warned however that a democratic and peaceful process was painful but necessary. He said he was convinced that Zimbabwe was heading for disaster, but, a paradigm shift was the only way forward.

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He observed that the removal of Mnangagwa was not enough if the system remained the same.

  • Pindula/ MDC Zimbabwe

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